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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Whoop whoop half day!

Today I only work a half day and my heart sings as I awaken to birds singing and squirrels and rabbits cleaning my house as they simultaneously dress me and straighten my hair with GHD's (taking care not to burn their paws of cause as fur does smell when it singes!) Okay maybe it's not so joyously 'Disney' but I do look forward to my half day. Please don't misunderstand me, I LOVE my job. I have a genuine affection for each and every child I work with. They make me laugh and I revel in their adoration of my very being. Comments such as 'Mrs Jones you are always happy' 'I like it when you teach us Mrs Jones because  you make learning fun' and 'Mrs Jones you are as fashionable and pretty as a model' make my day to day existence a joyous occasion. (Okay that last one, although a totally true quote, was said by a 7 year old who really doesn't have a great deal of experience on which to base her comparisons but I shall quote it until my dying day to feed my need to be loved and liked.)
So back to my half day...oh the things I could achieve! I could make a start on my 'mini' story of 2200 (YES 2200!) words for my degree. I could spend a leisurely afternoon perusing the shops in search of lovely things. (Not buying only window shopping of course!) I could go and get my nails or hair done in a vain attempt (literally) to feel fabulous. Or (and here's where reality bites me full on the ass) I can go home, flick through my OU books and write nothing of any substance, eat a ham sandwich and clean the windows inside and out. To make matters worse now I sit at my laptop typing this drivel and the sun is gone in so now all I can see through my sparkling clean windows is grey skies that threaten rain. Welcome to my world.

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