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Friday, 16 November 2012

Random road kill and groovy grannies!

Little things that make me smile; * random road kill. So I am driving my daughter to catch her train to London and we are laughing, singing along to The Killers (naturally) and making general chit chat as one does. Suddenly I see road kill ahead and move aside as not to sully my Ponyo. (Ponyo is the name of my car, she is orange and beautiful, she does not love ham.) As I pass said road kill my daughter and I exchange a quizzical glance, was that a huge fish? It was! Fish road kill! Never before and probably never again shall we witness this phenomenon. We felt blessed. * groovy grannies. Shopping in Newcastle Under Lyme we come across two grannies, both dressed in purple coats, maybe sisters? We go into a shop and there before me is one of my very favourite Christmas decorations, a snowman that dances to Ice Ice Baby. That in itself makes me smile. The old ladies seem intrigued so I press the button to start the fun...and they both start dancing! Both ladies dance in exactly the same way. It made my day, sad but true. * chocolate. No explanation necessary...

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