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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Today I will be mostly listening to...

The Killers new album Battle Born. I cannot tell a lie I am an obsessed woman since seeing them live on 31st  October. I wake up and their songs are in my head, I go to sleep...there they are! They are currently the soundtrack to my life. The lyrics are beautiful, if I could write half as well as that I would be in literary heaven. Brandon's voice? Oh my days! Now don't get me wrong my lovely husband means the world to me, well most of the world. Surely he wouldn't mind me saving a small continent for Mr Flowers? Australasia maybe? It's only weeny and I don't think that's asking too much. The man is beautiful and has the voice of an angel. My knees literally went from underneath me when he sang 'Be Still'  because it touched my very soul. He's a Mormon so can have more than one wife, hmmmm. Each day I listen in the car, on the laptop, on my ipod, in my head. (Confession alert...I now even love the one that makes me wanna line dance. Guilty pleasure sirens are going off in my head as I type! Check it out here and give it a few chances, I guarantee your toes will be a tappin'. My love for them has only increased since seeing them live and I MUST go again for fear I may leave this earth having never gazed upon his heavenly face or hearing his voice again. Dramatic? Absolutely not!

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