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Thursday, 8 November 2012

In the Zumba Zone

So Wednesday night is Zumba night. I love Zumba for many reasons. It's the only exercise I actually enjoy doing. No word of a lie I hate every other type of exercise, they are a chore. Zumba is just a big old dance off and I  love it. There are people of all ages, shapes and sizes that do it. They is nothing worse for me than the thought of going to a gym to throw my sweaty fat ass around to try and lose a few kilos than being surrounded by gym bunnies. You know the type. Skinny, glamorous types who look amazing with no make up and their hair in a pony tail. They don't sweat they glow and make me look like a big old red faced heffa. No thanks, I'd rather not bother if it's all the same to you. Okay so the sight of the elderly lady gyrating her hips in a sensual way to the sounds of Latino lovemaking music makes me do a bit of sick in my mouth (SHE'S LIKE MY NANNA FOR GOD'S SAKE!) but we are all there. The thin ones with no rhythm, the larger lady with all the moves, the nanna, the teenager, we all Zumba as one. We laugh not at each other but with each other. (Oh alright sometime we laugh at each other, it's hard not too!)
Now the real reason I love Zumba...I pretend I am a real, proper professional dancer. Oh yes, and I bet I'm not the only one. Where else can you be an Irish line dancer, an extra in a music video or (my very favourite) a star in a Bollywood blockbuster? In my head the people behind me and I are all dressed alike in our colourful Bollywood costumes and we are the backing dancers in an equally colourful love story. The whole scene plays out in my head as if it's up on the silver screen, and hen the music ends I feel a little bit sad. I want to live in this make believe world. It's nicer than the one I live in.

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