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Monday, 5 November 2012

Mrs Jones' journal

A fellow colleague today said she would find it interesting to read about my random thoughts and quite often bizzare comments about life in general. I apparently have a habit of talking about one thing and then going off on a tangent. Who on earth would want to read about that? I mean, I know what they are talking about of course. One minute I can be discussing a fellow teacher's upcoming child's birthday party, then I break into a conversation about how the new wall around the house we are passing looks like an elephant enclosure. (It's true though, the house is a perfectly nice one, mid 70's, brick coloured, and then there bold as you like is a new wall made of huge grey rocks! Like something my Dad used to make a rockery from in our terraced council dwelling. Why would you do that? If I wanted to see and elephant enclosure I'd go to the zoo. Two words, ugly and unnecessary.) Sometimes my mouth opens and words come out before I realise it is actually me speaking. Occasionally inappropriate I never mean to offend, that much is true, but probably do so more than I actually realise. I think my constant verbal diarrhoea may be a result of my chronic shyness that became who I was in my mid teens. Intimidated by girls who were more popular than I ever dared to dream and boys who hung on their every word I faded into the background and plugged myself into U2 and The Smiths, worshipping others from afar. Even now the gobshite you see before you (well you usually hear me before you see me truth be told) is a facade, for underneath all the bravado there is still a very insecure person, looking around me and seeing those who are thinner, prettier, cleverer, the list goes on...

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