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Sunday, 10 March 2013


Tell me what you think about me...(if you didn't sing it, for shame! You should have done.) but seriously, and it is a serious question, who the hell eats half a packet of smarties? Why do you ask? I hear you cry. I shall tell you. My daughter came home the our week with a packet of smarties upon her person given to her from the bottom of a kind benefactor's bag. Mmmmm, I thought, I love a smartie and persuaded her to part with a few. (No mean task trust me. I should work for the U.N such are my reasoning/pleading/begging skills!) then I noticed the packet...89 calories! For a pack of smarties? Goddam how did I never know this? In all of my 42 years (at least 30 of those spent calorie counting one way or another) why had I not been made aware of this fact? Those little suckers are chocolate heaven. You suck on their crispy shell until it gives way to a rich river of chocolate. Divine. So I buy many packets and end up with one left (my daughter and son should also work for the U.N) and as I hand I've the last but one pack to my son he says those fatal words "89 calories? For half a pack of smarties? Who eats half a pack of smarties?' He truly is my son. So now I sit, having stuffed my face with six of my beloved cow biscuits (43 calories each) dunked in a cuppa...for the damage is already done.

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